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Lomi is a strategy consultancy.

We empower leaders to effectively drive business success by making strategies resilient, engaging and actionable.

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Successful strategy
is tangible

Strategies don’t work when they are abstract.

They don’t pinpoint the challenges you face.
They fail to rally people and teams.
They hinder meaningful action.

This all changes when strategies develop into tangible elements.

They turn into objects that can be tested.
They transform into shared goals that drive progress.
They become a powerful force for change.

Our services

Business strategy & development

We develop strategies, value propositions and business cases to assess new markets, target groups and products.

By defining focus, balancing short- and long-term results and building competitive advantages, we grow your impact in a sustainable way.

Brand strategy & design strategy

We create visions, define concrete goals and develop roadmaps that enable you to differentiate from competition and strengthen your position in the market.

Through clear direction and alignment we help you to consistently develop a brand and a product portfolio that appeals to your target audience and makes business sense.

Product design & service design

We design products and services, both digital and physical, that not only give your users the best possible experience but also reinforce your strategies.

By developing product and services at the intersection of business opportunities, the latest technological possibilities and people’s needs, we maximise the value for all stakeholders.

Selected work


logo of Audi company. Consist of three overlapping circles.
Logo of DOGA organisation. Consist of capital letters D, O, G, A placed one next to each other.
Logo of Posten company.
Logo of Mercedes company.
Logo of NIO company.
Logo of Cisco company.
Logo of BSH comapny.
Logo of Volkswagen financial services.
Logo of BMW company.
Logo of Vipps company.
Logo of EIKUND company.
Logo of LYNK & CO company.


We’re not here to demolish and rebuild. Let’s start with what’s working.

Hallgrim and Bjørn met in Tandberg where they used design strategically to build a premium brand and become the market leader in videoconferencing. With Lomi Agency, Hallgrim and Bjørn want to bring their extensive in-house experience into consulting and empower clients with strategies that effectively drive business success.

Our team

Digital Product Designer

Annie Hedlund

Annie is all about mixing product and digital design to craft meaningful and smooth experiences. She strives to enhance both people’s lives and improve the state of our planet.


Strategic Designer

Johan Kansuke Vreeburg

Through the customer-centric methods of design, Johan finds the link between business interest and consumer needs. His background in strategic design allows him to take a big picture approach in product design and brand.


Design Intern

Khai Litleskare

Using his keen sense for finding societal relevance, Khai constructs winning value propositions with ease. Whether it's for a B2C products, or an internal strategy, he'll find the buy-in that you're chasing.


Design Strategy and Leadership

Hallgrim Sagen

With two decades of leadership experience in the collaboration technology industry, Hallgrim is our heavyweight. He excels at bridging contrasting perspectives and goals.


Design and Brand Strategy

Bjørn Hembre

With 15 years of strategic consulting, Bjørn has developed a deep understanding of users and cultural contexts. He can rely on his experiences from the fiercely competitive automotive industry across Germany, China, and Norway.


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